The Shift

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This example of the solar system, and how wrong earlier humanity had the reality of it all, is so very powerful, isn’t it? Listen to the words of Mr Lucado, and take note of how you feel about this: “Lesser orbs, that’s us. Appreciated. Valued. Loved dearly. But central? Essential? Pivotal? Nope. Sorry.” (p5) What does this do to our Pride when we understand the truth in what he is saying here? It should crucify our Flesh. It should humble us so we can receive the Life God desires us to have. It should cause us to run to God, and desire to connect with Him 24/7. It should…yet we are children, aren’t we? We forget…and so God must allow things in our lives to remind us. Not because He is mad at us, but because He loves us too much not to remind us. He knows that we are still learning that true, fully satisfying life can only be found in the Giver of Life. “God does not exist to make a big deal out of us. We exist to make a big deal out of him.” (p6) What a relief this should be to us, shouldn’t it? I mean if life revolves around me, then I have a whole lot of responsibility, don’t I? And way more than I can handle, for sure! But if God is the center? If I exist to point to Him? To glorify Him by reflecting His Immaculate Nature? Then I can relax and enjoy the ride!

Mr Lucado points us to the beauty of the moon…but reminds us that, by itself, it is only a “clod of dirt.” Ahhh, but when the moon simply does what it was created to do, to reflect the sun, it is inspirational, he says. (see p6) We must make this shift, my Friends. Be the moon, it’s ok. This is why we were made, to reflect the beauty and goodness of our Creator. Of course the physical moon does not object to its mission. He says, “The moon is at peace in her place. And because she is, soft light touches a dark earth.” (p6) My Friends, we should be shedded God’s Light upon this lost and confused and dark world too. Again I encourage us, be the moon. It’s good to do what we were made to do. It leads us to the Abundant Life.

We can sit here in this first chapter for days, just to absorb what he is saying and allowing that truth to penetrate our stubborn hearts. I love the example of the orchestra. I can relate to the increased amount of peace we can have when we begin to grow spiritually. And I long for a fuller, more consistent Capernican shift so that I will see life differently: “The gift of pleasures, the purpose of problems – all for him.” (p9) So the big question then should be: HOW do we make this shift? Leave a comment below and we will get to the answer tomorrow…have a blessed Son’s day! 

2023’s Got A Minute? Book Club

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February: Love Is In the Air: “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” by Gary Chapman

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April: Living the Resurrected Life: “The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life” by Dr Charles Stanley

May: My Spiritual Mom: “Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer

June: Spiritual Dad:  “It’s Not About Me- Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy” by Max Lucado

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