This Is a Test

Today we start talking about what I call “Effective Finances.” I call it “effective” because every time we follow God’s Plan, it should have a good effect on us, and hopefully, everyone around us too. But then again, this is true when we follow God in every area of our lives, like we talked about last week. 

With our finances, I like to stress that there are many purposes for the gift of money that God grants us. Currency is not just so that we can pay our bills or buy a little something special for ourselves, and it is definitely not supposed to be so we can amass billions and billions of dollars for our own prestige! Money supposed to be a tool to teach us things like gratitude, compassion, generosity, obedience and servitude. Our finances will test our heart, so we can know where our level of spiritual maturity lies.

<>< Peace, Diane

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