Three Most Intimate Friends

This innermost friendship with God empowers all other relationships. We are not only a Child of the Father, but we are a Friend and Bride of the Son and a perpetual student of the Holy Spirit Who is our greatest Teacher. This means that this innermost circle of potential relationships is multifaceted. Only as we grow in these different areas with God can we be loving brothers and sisters to one another. 

With the Father, we learn about our immature nature and grow to become submissive and obedient, trusting that Father really does know best. 

With the Son, we learn the greatest form of love, to lay down our life for our friends. This means we think about what we think about before we speak. This means we check our emotions before we express ourselves. This means we make sure our will is aligned with God’s before we undertake any action. With the Son, we also learn to put the other person first, like it should be in a marriage. We take into consideration the other person’s thoughts, emotions and will. We do not force the other person to do this or that if they are not ready or willing to do so. We honor and respect the other person. This is what the Son does for us daily, and as we grow in this intimacy with Christ, we learn to give others this courtesy as well. 

Then with the Holy Spirit, we begin to transform, more and more, into who we were always meant to be, people who seek to love and be loved, in healthy ways. This means setting up boundaries…

<>< Peace, Diane