The Next Ripple of Friends

There are some people I cannot, or I should say, do not want to live without in my daily life. Besides God, these are my husband, Joe, and my son, Joshua. These two beautiful humans God has gifted me are the next ripple of my friendships. And what is lovely to understand is that, we must continue to grow into these friendships with one another. Sadly, I think once we get married, we forget we must continue to date our spouse. Likewise, I think we forget that we will always be a parent to our children, not their BFF. Boundaries are required here. For instance, we must, on purpose, set up alone time with our mates, as well as, let our kids know what is acceptable, and what is not, in how they treat us, regardless of their age. 

Setting limits helps define relationships and protects everyone from unspoken expectations. It is these expectations that can cause all sorts of conflicts in our relationships, especially in our marriage and parenting. When we expect something but never spell them out, disappointments results which can add to the struggles of life. But when we learn to be open and honest with one another, compromising for everyone’s benefit, these relationships are more peaceful, and we have more harmony in our lives. Boundaries are good for everyone involved.

<>< Peace, Diane