To Be Fully One

Remember what we said last week, Church, we are supposed to be holy, which means different. Different than this fallen, lost world, for sure, but even different than who we used to be apart from Christ. As we grow in Christ, and learn His design for all things, including making love, we should begin to follow that design too. Again, thank God for His Mercy and Grace!

As I have said before, since God created life and everything contained in it, including sex, only God gets to say how this most blessed and private pursuit works. Made for the covenant of marriage only, the man and woman are to be one in every part of who they are: spirit, soul and body. It is love that brings their spirits together, and as they learn to respect each other’s thoughts, emotions and will, that’s the soul, this love draws them even closer together, so the only thing that is left is the body, thus making love. Like a puzzle that fits perfectly together, once the man and woman are married and enter into this lovely union, the two really do become one. Again, this is God’s Plan for making love. The next couple of days, let’s talk about why He created it the way He did.

<>< Peace, Diane