Training Produces Great Harvest

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Here’s one last behavior that I am adding to this list which coincides with discipline: the Habit of Being Organized. When we purposely make a home for every item we have, we alleviate all sorts of stress from our lives. As I often say: everything has a place and everything should be in its place. For instance, when we are looking for those car keys because we have to leave the house, we don’t have to look too long if they are hanging on the hook where those keys belong. The reality is that, often clutter is a tangible picture of what is going on within us. I tell my husband, if you want to know how I am feeling inside, go look at my desk. If it is neat and orderly, so am I…but if there is a mess going on there…well, be patient with me because I am dealing with some things. Yet if we make it a habit to put things away, then we have less “stuff” to process which gives us more peace within. Again this requires discipline.

After talking about the great Saints of the past, the author of the Book of Hebrews goes into a powerful talk about discipline and its incredible value. “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” (Heb 12:11) Note this verse says, “those who have been trained by it.” Mrs Meyer says, “Just wanting to do better is not enough; we have to be willing to discipline ourselves, and that always means giving something up in order to get something we want more. We discipline ourselves now for a future reward.” (p181) Everyone would say a big “YES!” if they were asked if they want the Abundant Life…yet how many Christians use self-discipline in order to experience it? 

This final habit in her book is a major key to unlocking the peace and joy we crave because it is the only way to routinely connect with God, so we may receive that life through Him. I often say that God works with what He is given…but if we give Him none of our time, effort and heart, what does He have to work with? I am not saying we somehow tie God’s hands, He is Sovereign and if He wants to do something He will. He neither needs our permission nor participation…but He wants both. And when we choose to discipline ourselves, we can work with God and enjoy life more deeply. As we choose to live life through Him, we are the ones who benefit greatly. Self-discipline is the way to participate in the Plan God has for our lives, which will grant us more of the Abundant Life.

I do hope you will check out Mrs Meyer’s book. This one also has a DVD/CD set with a workbook to further help us make good habits that will crowd out the bad ones. We will begin our next book tomorrow, from one of my favorite authors and pastors…I often call him my spiritual Daddy. Leave a comment below with your best guess at who this could be…

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Behavior 14: The Habit of Discipline

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