what WE don’t want

No IS an answer…and sometimes deny is the most loving answer God can grant us. Since He sees everything, He knows what will get us into more trouble than not. Again, this is a matter of trust…it’s also a matter of maturity. If we truly believe God loves us, if we really know He has already opened up Heaven FOR us, then why are we so quick to think God does not have our best interest here, in this temporary world??? No is an answer and it is because God Loves us and is kind that He will answer our prayers this way. But He never closes a door without opening a beer one, my Friends. When God says no, it is because He has a better plan for us. Will we trust that?

1- Direct: Yes. Here you go. Trust Me.

2- Deny: No, Child. I have something better for you. Trust My Plan.

<>< Peace, Diane

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