Backwards Mentality

God’s Plan is so simple…but that certainly doesn’t mean it is easy! Why? Because of the reason everything in this world and life is a huge challenge, one word: Pride! When God created humans in His Image, we were self-LESS, just like He is…but then Eve just had to listen to the serpent, and Adam just had to not do his job! What do I mean? Adam was supposed to be the leader in this marriage, as we have been saying these last couple of weeks. So if he did his part, if he had turned to God instead of choosing to obey his wife and eat the fruit, none of this mess of a world would have happened. Of course, it started with Eve. She should have submitted to her husband and gotten his “OK” before she made any decision of whether to eat the fruit or not. See? Adam obeyed his wife instead of God, and Eve was led by the serpent’s lies instead of letting Adam take the lead. No one played their part in this marriage, and down went all of society! Their Pride took them away from God’s Order and created dis-order.

But I am not here to place blame on them, after all, the truth is you and I would have done the same thing! Human nature is human nature. No, blame is a waste of time and only increases our Pride! Yet blame is sadly one of the negative side effects that happened when both Adam, the husband, and Eve, the wife, did not follow the order that God designed for humanity. Sadly, we see this backwards mentality more and more these days…which should not surprise us because the enemy is doing his worst to destroy everything God has created to be good. This one thing the enemy has been doing is having resounding ill effects on society. We will talk about it tomorrow.

<>< peace, Diane

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