False Mentality

One of the lies the enemy is trying to make a truth is that men and women are all the same in their roles and sexuality. That there is no distinction between the two. First he used feminism, when women wanted to be equal in all respects to men…but now, even worse, there is an agenda to belittle and emasculate men. If you watch commercials for any length of time, you will see very quickly this false mentality. Too many are portraying  the husband as a fool, while the strong wife is in total control of everything. For example, watch car commercials, and see how, 9 out of 10 times, the woman is in the driver’s seat and the pathetic little husband is just sitting quietly in the passenger’s place. This should not be, my Friends. And if that was not bad enough, there are some commercials that puts the children in charge of the household! As if a young mind with minimum experience has the ability to lead those older than themselves and have everything work out smoothly?! But this is the message the enemy is trying to use the media to convey and become a reality: men are nothing, women are in charge, or the poor parents are just slaves to the children. This is both disturbing and dangerous, my Friends!

God’s Order is the only order that will bring peace to humanity. The more we give into the lies of the enemy, the further away from peace marriages, families and society gets. Remember the enemy is the craftiest of all creation, so he uses everything to slowly but surely, influence humans to believe that lies are truth, and often in subtle ways. Church, we must be on our guard to discern right from wrong, and we must lean on God for the courage to speak up. More tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane

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