Best Mentality

Like money, with every choice we make, we can either be wasting life, spending life or investing life. When we choose to only and primarily please Self, then that’s all we get, that moment of pleasure which never lasts and usually leaves us wanting more. That is a waste because it serves no good or lasting purpose. 

When we choose to please others, then we can bring love and joy to them and we might get something in return, or we might just get taken advantage of. That is spending because it serves a particular person’s benefit, but it might not go any further than just that one act. 

But if we choose to please God, then everyone wins. God is glorified, we are a blessing to others, and we have this incredible sense of righteousness, fulfillment and satisfaction…in other words we will be pleased…and God, Who is Generous, will give us an incredible return on our investment! How incredible? We are blessed here in this world AND in the next!  (Mt 19:29) When we work for God, as they say, the benefits are out of this world!

The heart of the matter is always a matter of the heart. How can you know the difference between these three? Well, be truthful with yourself on WHO is at the center of what you are thinking, saying or doing. If it is all about “YOU” then it is a waste, nothing more will come out of it. If it is another person, then you are spending…which is ok, but there is another choice that is so much better, my Friends! If God is at the center of the thought, word and deed, then we are investing in this world, and the next. Check out these verses Mt 6: 1-5, this is what Jesus is talking about. We will bring this all together tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane

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