God’s Mentality

Let’s tie this all together because it may seem that I have been all over the place this week, but there is a purpose to it. So first, we talked about how the enemy is doing his worst to destroy everything God has created to be good, and he especially attacks the marriage which is supposed to be the foundation for society. 

Next, we discussed one of the biggest lies the enemy is now trying to make “common sense” and that is how men and women are equal in everything, including roles and sexuality. 

Then we moved on to how the Church must be vocal when we see others going astray from God’s Plan- we must speak truth with love, if indeed we love others as Jesus commanded us to, so that they may come under, or back under, God’s Grace if they have lost their way. 

As difficult as it is to hear, the next day we discussed how, when women joined the workforce, a void was left that could cause trouble in marriages and leave our children vulnerable to the lies of this fallen world. 

Then I talked about the two choices we can make in life: either to please Self or to please God. These are two completely opposite ways to live our lives. 

Lastly, yesterday we showed how we can either waste our choice, or better how we can spend our choice, or best how we can invest each choice. When God is at the center of every thought, word and deed, then we are living a life that will automatically please God. How? Because we will be following His Order instead of our own personal agenda. 

Did you see how it all came together? Church, we must follow God’s Plan which of course includes His Order for marriages and families. Men must be men. Women must be women. And we must not fall into the lie that men and women are exactly alike in every respect. There are roles men are to play that women were never meant to, and there are roles women are meant to play that men are not equipped to. Each person in the marriage, and if there are children, in the family, playing their individual role. This not only pleases God, but it leads to a marriage filled with peace, a family filled with joy and a society filled with righteousness. God’s Order brings God’s Blessings.

<>< Peace, Diane

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