6-21-21 Health Seekers: Environment on a Firm Foundation

Hi Friends,

     Last week, we talked about getting informed and using this information with God’s wisdom so we can build as healthy a home environment as we can. As we continue talking about that this week, listen to this powerful verse:

“The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” Mt 7:25 NIV

     It did not fall. When we choose to be informed about the things of this world, we are using the God-given brain He desires for us to use. We are gathering different points of view, seeking many counsel, and then bringing it to God so we can glean from it all and make the best decisions we can. So even when the acid rain comes down, the polluted streams rise to kill fish and livestock, or winds blow their toxic chemicals on us, we know where to go and what to do so that our homes do not fall. I know I am being a little silly here, but the truth is, if Jesus is our foundation, if we seek to be informed and make godly decisions, then we are better off then if we did not. If we build our homes and lives on the sandy lies of this world, we will fall and fall hard. I cannot say it enough: be informed! There are way too many companies and organizations out there that do not have our best interest in mind. Some are businesses that put their profits ahead of safety, whether knowingly or otherwise. Some are agencies that feel the need to control everyone, so truth is not as important as the influence they exert. Yet some are genuine organizations that just want to help this broken world and its hurting people. I hope that I will always be one of the latter.

     Here are just three other home environment issues that I want you to hear about and then do your own research. I present the problem, then a solution or two. Pray about it all, then make whatever changes you can, so your home environment can be the healthiest it can be.

1- Our tap water

Problem: If you have never heard of Flint, Michigan, please look it up…there are way too many harmful chemicals in our tap water, like lead, chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides, in addition to pharmaceuticals too! We should never drink or cook with water right from the sink, no matter what government agency tells us it’s ok.

Solution: filters really do work. Whether you get a Brita water filter pitcher or, like us, a reverse osmosis system, these filters can remove some or most of the chemicals that can lead to health issues. This includes filters in our showers too, since chlorine can be devastating to skin and mouth Microbiome.  

2- Hygiene products:

Problem: so many different, harmful ingredients are in our shampoos, toothpaste, shaving creams and moisturizers but here’s just one: Parabens. This has been proven to be an Endocrine Disrupting Chemical, just like the plastics we talked about last week, and it also has been linked to various cancers.

Solution: thankfully, there are so many selections of Paraben free products out there that, with a little research, you can cut this chemical almost completely from your daily routine.

3- VOC’s: 

Problem: VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds (organic because they contain carbon in them, not because they are good for you!) and as I have researched, there are at least 400 known chemicals in this class, and 200 of these harmful agents can be found in our carpets alone! These chemicals evaporate into the air, and since the environment in our homes is concentrated, especially if we do not tend to open windows, our home air can be highly polluted with these.

Solution: besides venting our homes by opening our windows as much as we can, and buying VOC-low or Zero-VOC products like indoor paints and finishes, we can purchase solid wood flooring to replace any carpet or pressed wood…or if that is not practical, then there are air filters too. Prices are coming down because more people are becoming aware of the dangers that lurk right in our homes, so do some research, shop around and make the best choices for the budget you have. The key is to do something. 

     God wants us to think for ourselves. Please stop being gullible. Just because it is on the market or popular, does not mean it is good for you. As I said in one of my recent videos, (link below) I cannot understand how Monsanto, or now Bayer, same thing, is still selling Round-Up when they have paid out billions of dollars, yes billions with a B, in law suits! Do your research. Make wise choices with God’s guidance. And never, never stop learning! I am what I call a perpetual, hungry student, and whether its this beautiful, hurting planet, our homes or our own individual need for inner peace, the more I learn about the environment, the more I can implement changes that will help instead of hurt. Do you want that too? Then won’t you join me?

     Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane

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