Faith in who?

So God does indeed answer every prayer, just not exactly the way you and I thought He would. And why? Because He loves us way too much to let us have our way all the time. The Key to our prayer life is in WHO we are placing our Faith when we pray. If we are having Faith in our prayers, in our plan, timing and way, then we are going to be disappointed because those are NOT what is always best for us. If, instead, we place our Faith in God to answer our prayers the way He knows is best, then we leave ourselves open to His Will and we will remain content however He answers us. God is faithful to take our prayers and align our hearts to His Will so we will always be pleased with HOW He answers us. Once again, this requires Faith. We must trust God because, apart from Him, we aren’t even seeing half the picture…more tomorrow…

1- Direct: Yes. Here you go. Trust Me.

2- Deny: No, Child. I have something better for you. Trust My Plan.

3- Delay: Not yet, Child. Trust My Timing.

4- Different: Yes, but not the way you think. Trust My Way.

<>< Peace, Diane

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