My Way

The truth is we are VERY different than God. He views life from the perspective of Eternity, while we barely can see what is going on in our tiny corner of the world! So it should not surprise us that the fourth way God answers prayer is “different.” While granting us the desires of our hearts, God simply reshapes the answer to the prayer so that it will align with Eternity instead of this world. He answers in a way we would never have thought of, yet it will be the perfect way in which everyone involved will be greatly blessed…IF we continue to trust God and work with His way. Again, do you see how vital Faith is, my Friends? We have to trust God will always do whatever is best for each of us, and all of us put together. 

1- Direct: Yes. Here you go. Trust Me.

2- Deny: No, Child. I have something better for you. Trust My Plan.

3- Delay: Not yet, Child. Trust My Timing.

4- Different: Yes, but not the way you think. Trust My Way.

<>< Peace, Diane

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