Friends Shape Us

Once we are His children, we can learn to enjoy every type of relationship we have throughout life, more and more. Remember, we are like sand paper to one another…but this is not meant to be a bad thing. It is not meant to cause us problems. It is meant to help us, not hurt us. This is one of the many ways God refines us. Anyone can be filled with peace and joy when no one else is around! That’s not what is going to reshape us into the image of God! We need each other to share the joys of life with, for sure, but we also need each other to be real and truthful too. 

When I mess up, which is more often than I like to admit, I need a good friend to love me enough to be honest with me. Someone who will, gently, call me out so that I can be aware of my mistakes, and so I will turn to God and not repeat them. This is a part of the Fruit of the Spirit God is working in my heart right now. It is called Kindness. I have been as nice to everyone as I possibly could be, but God is showing me that being nice is why I have gotten myself into some tough areas in life. More tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane