2-15-21 Health Seekers: Reverse Diseases

Hi Friends,

     Let me start by saying two things: 1- Yes, God wants every person to be healed and have life everlasting and 2- No, not every person will choose to follow God’s Will, so not every person will be healed or have life everlasting! I say this so that you can understand that “healing” is not God’s Plan for every individual. You might hear some confused believers say things like, “If you have enough faith, you will be healed,” and yet how much “faith” is enough “faith”? Lord knows I had Faith to move mountains and yet, my daughter was never healed…this side of Heaven anyway. For years I felt the weight of consuming guilt every time she would become sick, what a complete waste of my energy and my precious time with my daughter. The truth is, there are things we will not fully understand this side of Heaven. Sometimes, God sees that illnesses do work together for our good, and so, sometimes believers do not get healed this side of Heaven. As I share what God has shown me with my Dad’s struggle with diabetes, please understand we are to do everything we possibly can to seek healing, but if it does not come, we surrender the situation to God for only He knows what is best. Now having said that, listen to what is possible:

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Ps 30:2 NIV

     When God sees fit to heal. Many, many times God does bring healing to our bodies. Functional medicine, that I talked about last week, seeks to cure diseases, not only maintain them with countless pills and procedures. As some of you know, I’ve been caring for my Dad for the last couple of months. He has been diagnosed with diabetes for decades and it has always been totally out of control. At one point, he was on three different medications, as well as insulin, but his sugar levels were still averaging well over 200, often reaching into the 400’s. (Normal glucose level is 70-120) I praise God that he has not suffered with blindness or lost a leg to gangrene! This IS God’s Grace! So as I began caring for him, we were told that he could not have a medical procedure, that would get him back home to his life, until his glucose levels were down as close to normal as possible. That’s when I went into full detective mode! (By the way, I am certainly NOT proud of this as it, unfortunately, took this desperate situation to finally get me to seek a way to help my Father with this condition. Note: if you have elderly loved ones in your life, don’t wait until things get critical to begin seeking ways to heal them, not only maintain.) 

     As God leads us towards healing. Several years ago, I attempted to follow the ketogenic diet. For those unfamiliar with it, think very low carbs, moderate protein and high healthy fats (like avocados, olives and nuts). It really worked well…if not for my love of bread! For me, only 20-50gms of carbs a day was not going to be a permanent thing! Fast forward to now, as I began researching what I could do to help my Dad, I called out to God and this type of nutrition came back to my heart. I watched video after video of certain doctors I trust online, who all highly recommend the ketogenic diet for diabetics. Since carbohydrates are the major macronutrient that increases sugar in our bodies, to lessen his daily carbs, just made sense….so I gave it a try. I eliminated all the “GPPS”: Grains (like rice and breads), Potatoes, Pastas, and Sugars. I increased the good carbs, think vegetables, and made sure he had a decent portion of protein and some good fats. I will not tell you it was an overnight success, since we had to learn which foods raise his sugar and how much they raise it, as well as what combinations affect it. But 2 months later, my Dad is off all diabetes medications and went from 4 a day insulin injections to 1 or 2 only. His sugar levels have been averaging 128-138 for the past 3 months, and I hope to get it even more normal as time goes on! Ok, the diabetes is not “cured” but my goodness what a huge change has come about. When he first came to live with us, he was confused and disoriented…now, for the most part, he is clear-minded and really sharp. I would say the quality of his life has improved by changing his diet and normalizing his glucose. 

     When God grants healing. As I continued my research, I heard story after story of other, younger patients completely reversing their diseases by eating this different way. (Of course, the earlier we start implementing these life choices, the more healthy we can become…but it is NEVER too late. You still breathing? Then make better choices today, and reap the benefits tomorrow.) Nutrition is the first of seven pillars of our physical health…I will give you the rest of the list next week, then take the next several weeks to try and explain them more. Life is a journey and the more we engage with life, making these “life choices,” the more we will feel connected to our God and be able to have, enjoy and share the Abundant Life. I want that and know you do too, so won’t you join me?

     Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane

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   1- Carbohydrates 

   2- Proteins

   3- Fats

     Caution: sugar can be a very addicting substance! It not only affects the physical body, but also the mind with its euphoric affects on our brain. We have to fight our body’s cravings, as well as our mind’s desires, when we seek to lower our carb intake. It takes time for the body to adjust to a new way of eating, so please be patient and do not be surprised if the “patient” tries to sneak some sugary foods. Key is to be committed and keep getting up after every fall. Eventually, the body will adjust and be better off for the change. And please do not forget, you are never alone. Pray…a lot…and allow God to give you strength to keep on getting healthier.

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  1. Amen Diane, I am in total agreement with you.
    I love that you have these audios because I do not have good comprehension.
    God bless you and thank you so much for sharing these.
    Love and prayers

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