It Is Never Ok

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The last thing I want to get straight is that, when we are talking about any type of relationship, especially a marriage, abuse is never ok. If one spouse is trying to fix the marriage, but the other spouse is, or gets, abusive in any way, chiefly in a life threatening way, then intervention is a must. Seek counseling, or in dire cases, seek legal advice, but do not think for a moment that God desires for you to remain in a deadly situation. Staying with people who are toxic and refusing to change, may be another legitimate reason to move on. Especially with friendships. If one person is leaching off of you even though you are doing all you can to love them the way they say they need, but they are putting out no effort to love you in return…this is called enabling, and you do no good to yourself, or them, to remain in that situation. As it is taught in the Bible, perhaps you have to dismiss the person for a while, in the hopes that they will come to their senses and seek to change their ways. (see 1Co 5:13) Once again, mental, emotional and physical abuse is never ok.

Anything short of these kinds of dangerous circumstances, may be heart breaking and difficult, but as we said yesterday, there may not be a need to give up on the marriage. God is a God of Hope, and as we seek His guidance and directions, He can take an impossible relationship and fill it with good possibilities. (see Lk 18:27) Having said all this, what we will be discussing this month is the case with a majority of relationships; either with those that are troubled and on the verge of separation or even those that are good, but can always be better. More tomorrow… 

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