It Takes Two to Tango

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So as I said yesterday, let’s get some things straight. First, we must understand that both parties must be willing to learn and make the loving effort to communicate in the language the other person “speaks,” in order to have the healthiest relationship possible. So for instance, if a husband desires to truly love his wife, and so, begins working towards knowing the things that will show his love for her, but if she does not put in the same effort? This can still cause problems in the marriage. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” If we want to be in harmony with our spouse, or friend, or parent etc, etc, then both parties in the relationship must commit to finding the love language that best displays the love the other person can sense. I hope you got that because this is important: the love the other person can sense. Too many times we try to speak our own love language to our spouse, but that is not their love language and they do not experience the love we are trying to give. We will get into specifics about this as we enter into each love language, but for now, remember love is not about you. Love is all about the other person you are claiming to love. 

This is how God loves us, after all. His focus is on GIVING Love, with the Hope that, eventually, the one He is pouring His heart upon will turn to Him, and seek to love Him in return. So if one spouse is putting out all the effort, but not getting anything back from the other spouse, don’t give up, just like God never gives up on us. Don’t allow their seeming indifference stop you from continuing to do the right thing. The one who is more spiritually mature in the relationship may have to take on, at least temporarily, more of the burden. When we selflessly sow, that means not demanding anything in return but hoping for it, sooner or later, one way or another, we will reap from all our endeavor. For a married couple especially, becoming one is the goal. Unity is the key to harmonious relationships. Keep leaning on God for direction and keep fighting the good fight of Faith, trusting God with the results. 

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