Not Just For the Married

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Love languages, as this book discusses, are not just for those of us who may be married. Interacting in a way that most displays our love to each individual person is important if we truly desire to have healthy relationships of any kind. Whether you are a parent trying to relate to your children, an employer trying to connect with an employee, a good friend trying to reach out to a struggling friend, or even a single person desiring to become married, learning the lessons in this book will benefit every relationship you have throughout life. And it will help you understand why some people behave the way that they do. Much of this requires time, effort and paying attention to the one you are trying to relate with. We must have a desire to really get to know that person, not just assume we know. Of course, second to our fellowship with God, the husband and wife relationship should be the most intimate, cherished and safe bond we have in this life, and so, I will be referring to marriage a lot. Yet you can listen to what I will share with the idea of using this wisdom in all your connections. 

Love remains the number one desire of every person’s heart. The more we can learn to love the way God does, the more we can receive and give love to those around us. God knows our individual love language, since He is the one who installed them into our DNA. God takes the time to reveal our hearts to ourselves so we may know who we are too. You see, we also have a relationship with ourselves, but part of our problem is we do not know exactly WHO God designed us to be. Before Christ, we may seek answers in all the wrong places. But even after we become born again, if we do not seek God to show us all the blessings of our New Identity in Christ, we struggle as before. So there are two things I want us to keep in mind as we journey through this new book, 1- how can I use this information to understand myself better and 2- how can I then use what I am learning to enhance all my relationships too. I am excited to learn some new and powerful lessons and I hope you are too, but first we need to get some things straight…more tomorrow…

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