Keeping Friends in Their Proper Ripples

I repeat what I said yesterday, boundaries are good for everyone involved. I admit I am not the greatest at doing this, but I’m learning. To keep my borders, if you will, open to everyone and anyone, has proven to cause me more challenges than is necessary in my life. Trying to be everything for everyone is, quite frankly, exhausting!…and so we must learn to set boundaries with every relationship we have in this life. After all, I am not God and I cannot sustain this type of life without wearing myself down. This is what God is currently showing me in my life.

God first, then my hubby and son, with my biological and Forever Family as the next ripple. This would include Mom & Dad, siblings, nieces & nephews, aunts & uncles, cousins and also those in Christ God has surrounded us with. This could be those in your congregation, other brethren you have met along your journey, or even those who have come into your life for just a season…more on that tomorrow. 

My point today is that we cannot allow one person to infringe on our relationship with anyone else. If one “friend” tries to cause problems with another “friend,” it is time to evaluate and possibly set up new boundaries in that relationship. It is never easy, but then again, we are called to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Set those boundaries so that we can have good, healthy relationships. This is what I am learning, and again not everyone is going to stay an active friend throughout your whole life…more tomorrow. 

<>< Peace, Diane