Order Matters

God is a God of order, not chaos, and so, there is an order to marriage and society. First there is Jesus. Then there is the strong man of the house. Then there is the diligent wife. Lastly, there are the obedient children. This is the order, period. None of this talks about the value of each member. None of it speaks to importance or significance or worth. In God’s eyes, everyone has the same value simply because we were created in His Image. 

God loves every single person equally. God loves both man and woman alike, and yet He has created very distinct roles for each of us. If we Christians do not encourage men to be men, and women to be women, then we should not be surprised at the havoc surrounding us. It is our obligation…and privilege…to learn, live in and then teach God’s order for marriage and family. Again, hear me, this is not a matter of importance, but of order!

Romans 12:2 is an often talked about verse, yet is it followed often? I am sad to say I don’t think it is. Instead we do the opposite: we freely and willingly (see Free Will here) choose to conform to the patterns of this world, and refuse to be transformed as we do not allow God to renew our minds. We think we know better…this was the original problem in the Garden of Eden, and we continue to repeat it, then wonder at the world’s disorder? Did you see that: DIS-order? Church, and I am encouraging myself right along with all of you out there, it is Time to rise up and change this world, because no one else will do it. And with God, we CAN turn things around, but the question is are we WILLING to do it? Let’s think about this today…

<>< Peace, Diane

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