Reflecting God’s Plan for Marriage

Last question we must understand is: why is it vital that the Church reflect God’s Plan for marriage? First and foremost, we were created to glorify God, not anything or anyone else. This means we absorb all His Goodness, then reflect Him out to this world in every area of our lives, including marriage. We must learn and implement His design for how this sacred union is meant to be, and as we do this, we DO glorify Him. We display His love and grace and unity, as we openly love, show grace to and be unified with our spouse. If instead we choose to follow the way of this fallen, self-centered society, then we are the same as the rest of this world. We must be different! We must follow God, NOT conform to the pattern of the world. (Romans 12:2)

Church, again I say, we have to be different than this fallen world, or what is the point to our Salvation? We were not created to imitate its fallen corrupted version of marriage. We are made for higher and better things. To have a marriage filled to the overflow, with steady, growing peace and joy is what God wants for us…but do we want it badly enough to dare to change our views, thinking and actions? 

If we do, then we have to believe that God, who is NOT a God of chaos, has created a holy order to the way a marriage is supposed to work. Could it be that, because we either do not know this, or fight it with all we’ve got instead of working with it, that marriages are not experiencing the power behind God’s Plan? Remember, marriages are the foundation to a healthy society. If marriages fall, what will happen to the rest of society?

<>< Peace, Diane

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