The Whole Point to Marriage

What is the purpose of marriage? Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful object lesson of our relationship with God, Himself. First, I hope you caught a glimpse of this symbolism yesterday, when I talked about how a husband and wife are supposed to be growing in  maturity towards one another, putting the other in first place. The actual wedding between man and woman should call to mind Salvation, where we are united forever in Christ. But then just as Sanctification is a process of “becoming one” with God, so too is this “becoming one” in marriage for each spouse. Do you see it clearer now? This is one of the reasons I gave for even singles to grasp this amazing blend we are supposed to see in the marriage. It can help us as we “marry” then “become one” with God. That is, it can help us understand Salvation and Sanctification more, which will hopefully lead to us engaging in it more, which will definitely lead to a more fulfilling life for everyone involved.

Second, in the Book of Ephesians chapter 5, (check out verses 21-33 when you get a moment), Paul tries to point us to this higher level too as he discusses the roles of man and woman in marriage. He explains that this union is like the relationship between Christ and His Church. The way we are to act within the marriage is the same way we are supposed to act in our union with Jesus. Christ is the leader of the church, just as the husband supposed to be the leader of the family. And because our Jesus loves His Church, that includes you and me my Friends, because He loves us so much, He gave up everything for us. This is how a husband is supposed to sacrificially love his wife. Wives, like the Church, are supposed to submit to her husband just like we, Church, are supposed to submit to Jesus. I know that’s a whole lot of “supposed to’s” but the more we understand the purpose of marriage, how it is meant to point us higher to God, hopefully the more we will obey, and the more peace and joy we will experience in marriages, and in life.

<>< Peace, Diane

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