Did God really say?

While I do not promote it, I think one of the reasons the Game of Thrones was so popular is because this is our daily battle too. It is still the game the enemy plays on us every day, all day long. Who will be on the throne of my life today? Will I listen to the sneaky lies of the enemy, or the ever-changing ideas of this fallen world, or my own limited understandings…or will I allow God to be in His rightful place? I prefer to call this struggle the Game of Destruction instead because I know who firmly sits on the Throne and there is NO threat of Him ever losing it. Amen?! But are we allowing the enemy to destroy our peace, joy and witness as we play his game?

The first move in this Game of Destruction is always the same, the enemy will introduce the poisonous seed of “Did God really say…?” The moment he can get us to question God’s Love and Goodness, is the moment we humans begin to falter. We start to lean on our own understanding instead of the Truth and, quite literally, all hell breaks loose. Just look at the world we are currently living in, yes?

“Did God really say there are only two genders? Did God really say marriage is between a man and woman only? Did God really say that we are all equal and that there is no one group that has more privileged than any other group?” These are the poisonous seeds the enemy has thrown out there in the world and do you know what this first move is meant to do? Divide us…more tomorrow

<>< Peace, Diane

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